20 December 2012


Assalamualaikum. This is emotional (lol)

Primary school was awesome. The teachers, friends, juniors. My classmates always made me laugh. When I wasnt in a good mood, they cheered me up, they tried to make me happy. Cute homeworks. They were so cute, 1+1 oh god it's a piece of cake. Never streesed out. Coraldra. Training of Coraldra. Everything. 2006 - 2011 was great. Lot of memories. (I knew that my best friends are not the real friends okay seriously wth!!)

2012, secondary school. Afiq and Izzul masuk Setiawangsa. Ayunni, Asilah , Husna, and others, masuk asrama. I met new friends. They met new friends, new best friends. Pbs ruined everything. I thought secondary school is cool, awesome. They are awesome, but yea you know, totally sucks. When the teachers are telling us about Pbs, i was like "i dont give a damn". So, i dont give a damn.

2013, kena turun kelas and it sucks. Well , you know. It's so hard to remain in the same class, i mean, the first class, the cleverest class. Turun kelas, masuk 2 Azam, second class. My mom was okay lah.

Like what Imam Ghazali said, "Benda yang paling jauh dengan diri kita adalah masa lalu" . Subhanallah, sangat indah dan ada makna yang sangat mendalam.

I want 2011 , but I'll never get that back. So I'm gonna make 2013 better, in shaa Allah.

So, um..i guess that's it. Im Iqbal. Thank you for reading this. Assalamualaikum.

Eff This Shit

So, 2013 ni masuk 2 Azam. kena turun kelas sebab um i dont know dont ask me. Jadi prefect. Im gonna be a perfect prefect! yeay

26 February 2012

Exam :I

 Assalamualaikum :) So , dah dua bulan menimba ilmu dekat SMK Seksyen 5 Wangsa Maju tu , and its EXAM time . So aku pun kena lah study hard sampai malam buta sebab nak dapat straight A's kannn ?! And aku tak study lagi -..- Well , you know who am I right ? Hohoho . k lah aku nak bukak twitter . Bye and Assalamualaikum :)

Rock On